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I have a 16 year old cat with thyroid cancer and hyperthyroidism. He is being treated with Methimazole.

We switched vets in the fall because we couldn't stand the money-grubbing, inconsistent assembly line that was our old vet.

I actually interviewed the new vet before I went there, and I explained that my husband is unemployed and I am under-employed. I explained that we would not be able to pay for ongoing procedures and wanted to keep our cat on his medication (which is working) and leave him be, this was supposedly fine with the "seemed compassionate and understanding at the time" vet.

Our vet is now refusing to refill the cat's prescription.

We love our pets and we don't appreciate the implication that we are bad pet owners because we can't afford the $200 blood test the vet wants every two months.

The cat is 16, terminally ill, doing well on his medication, and hyperventilates when he goes to the vet. Is it healthy to stress him like that when his meds are working?

We give him his medication daily, and purchase it through petmeds.com. The vet claims that she MUST run the blood tests every two months because he could have bone marrow issues due to the meds. And she's only doing what's "best" for the animal. Which is apparently denying him medication that is working.

The % chance of bone marrow damage on is 04 as in ZERO FOUR PERCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The vet isn't getting her way and her money so the cat doesn't get his medication. The lousy thing is she didn't have the guts to speak to us in person, she had her techs do it. Talk about a passive-aggressive coward.

Vets absolutely have the right to make a living and running a business is expensive, but I am SO sick of vets trying to pass off a money grab as what's "best" for the animal. I'd respect her if she said, "we need to pay off this new blood testing machine" but don't you DARE imply we are irresponsible owners because we can't pay her fees for unnecessary tests.

We also have other animals we have a responsibility to provide a home for, and that means PAYING THE MORTGAGE so they have a place to live. If we had kids would she want us to take that 200$ out of the grocery budget?

The stupid thing is, when Mike and I are both on good financial footing again, we'll gladly pay for (necessary) tests, etc. This vet has cost herself business in the long run.

"Well, if you can't afford your animals' (ridiculous) vet bills, you shouldn't have them!!!" Riiiiiiiight let me just go dump my aged, loyal cats at a shelter because we've fallen on hard times. Trust me, we didn't ask for this.

We're going to try the humane society and see if one of the vets there will be kind enough to phone in a prescription for us. Otherwise, I guess we get to watch Loomis fade away from something treatable.

I really hope the vet receives back some of the oh so kind treatment she's dished out.

Live Journal Epic Suck

Just an FYI folks, LJ is not letting me leave any comments on entries! I am so sad!

I have clicked the "confirm your e-mail" button every time and am not getting the magic e-mail from LJ that will enable me to click and unlock the restriction on my commenting. It is not going into my spam folder, it just isn't coming through period.

I have much to say and no comments to do it in. : (


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